Guidelines For the Use of Scaffolding

Scaffolding services for construction for South Africa are a necessity because of the massive renovations of the infrastructure that is in place around cities , as well as the building of new structures. With major events like the FIFA World Cup in the near future, and the progress towards South Africa into becoming a first world nation The changes in the architectural and aesthetic elements of South Africa is astonishing. With these changes comes the requirement for safe and secure and system through an approved safety-certified contractor.

Hiring a Contractor

Engaging a scaffolding contractor who is licensed is the most effective method of locating the most reliable and secure scaffolding system. For South Africa, contractors must comply with the laws of safety and security in the country as well as OHS Act and SANS 1085. OHS Act & SANS 10085 to ensure that the highest level of safety is guaranteed when scaffolding is being used and avoid being held accountable for injury or death.

Between 2000 and 2005 from 2000 to 2005, there were 3999 accidents during the United Kingdom caused by various incidents on construction sites. none of which could have been prevented With proper care and safety, the likelihood of accidents will be at a minimum.

Scaffolding Safety Preparation

When a construction structure can be constructed, there’s a preparatory work to be done by the scaffolding company hired for the task and by the person who is hiring the contractor.

First, the place in which the scaffolding will be constructed must have an even surface that is solid If it’s not it is the responsibility of the contractor stabilize it and ensure that it can allow the scaffolds to be supported.

Safety of pedestrians is vitally crucial. If the scaffolding will be put up in a public area the appropriate precautions must be taken. For instance, the construction could be scheduled in quiet times, at when fewer people will be within a short distance of the structure. Roads can be closed with permission from the council. Scaffolding is not to be put up close to power lines since this could be very dangerous and cause death.

If scaffolding is going to be placed on a freeway, or highway the contractor has to be licensed specifically for this, and is responsible of obtaining this license. The person who hires the contractor is accountable for asking for permission to plan at the city council concerning the construction for any structure that is temporary as well as potential permanent structures that which the scaffolding can be employed to construct.

Getting Started

Construction workers must be adequately trained in the correct techniques for building the scaffolding as well as working with temporary structures.

Before being used the scaffolding needs to be examined, then again when it is erected. It is also recommended that the scaffolding be inspected regularly for any weaknesses or damage to the structure as well as the materials. This is crucial when an addition or alteration is implemented on the structure. Also, scaffolding needs to be checked following extreme dry weather, storms high winds, and other elements that could affect the security of the scaffolding structure.

Safety During Scaffolding Use

If scaffolding is being used the workers must not place items on the boards of scaffolding. Anything that is left on the boards can cause someone to slip onto the scaffolding and be injured or fall to anyone on the ground.

Physical barriers are suggested to avoid injuries to those who walk under the scaffolding structure. However, using tape to make barriers is not recommended since individuals can (and can and will) disregard the tape, and continue to walk. In the same way when the scaffolding is left in a state of untidy the ladder that allows access to it must be removed to block access to anyone who is not authorized. Tower scaffolding that is mobile must be secured by locking the wheels when the workers are working on the towers, and they must remain stationary.

With pre-fabricated systems, such as Self-Lock and KwikStage scaffolding, the chances of accidents are minimized due to the built-in safety features of the scaffolding. The systems can be made in a short time and with less employees without sacrificing security. These systems are locking systems that do not permit any component of the structure of a scaffolding to break loose. Due the fact that it is made of steel, the material used for scaffolding is practically impervious to damage.

Scaffold hire is an increasing requirement for South Africa, especially with special events, the lucrative film industry, and the coming FIFA World cup happening in South Africa. In the absence of proper safety regulations and procedures, the chance of injuries and deaths is extremely high. A safe use of scaffolding can keep the scaffolding and construction industry their thriving and successful products they provide.