Useless Home Easy Recall can be dangerous to your health

Take a moment to make sure that your Home Easy Recall is safe before you start your next project. Many homeowners are hurt or even killed every year when they use products that have been recalled either by the manufacturer or the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. These recalls are often ineffective and go unnoticed until it is too late.

While you can search the Internet for information on Home Easy Recall repairs, do you also check to make sure that any recalled products have been removed from the shelves? It is a smart idea to look online for information on other people’s experiences with hazards and problems when purchasing a new product. Recalls by manufacturers are regularly issued via product safety alerts, recall notices on television, radio, newspapers, and the CPSC’s site. Keep yourself informed about product safety issues.

Tile Perfect stand ‘N Seal Tile Grout Sealer can be a dangerous product. Overexposure has been reported to cause irritation, coughing, breathing difficulties, dizziness, and disorientation. The product has even been linked to death. The recall was effective in August 2005. However, many consumers were still able to buy the product. Although this product was recalled, homeowners could still have the product in their garages and sustain serious injuries if any of its contents are not removed. Do not use this aerosol product. For a full refund, return it to Home Depot

Stay informed and be proactive. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (, contains information about more than 15,000 consumer products that pose unreasonable risks of serious injury or death. You can also find recall alerts and product recalls for over 4,000 products. Keep an eye out for recall notices at Lowes and Home Depot to keep you informed. You should make sure you are aware of any recalls before you start your next home-repair project.

Cash, Krugler and Fredericks, LLC are an Atlanta personal injury law office that represents consumers who have been hurt by products like Tile Perfect- Stand ‘N Seal Grout Sealer. Consumers may bring claims against the manufacturer as well as against The Home Depot, an Atlanta-based company that sells Stand ‘N Seal.

Deception, Fraud and Lies – Whistleblower Attorney

Although most companies are committed to honesty and integrity, some companies may be able to substitute fraud and deception for those principles. You may not know what to do if you find yourself in a position where fraud and deception are rampant. Do you need to contact the authorities? What happens if you lose your job? What can you do to prove that fraud is taking place?

Becoming a whistleblower

You have two options when you are faced with such questions: become a Whistleblower Attorney or not. Whistleblowers are simply people who report criminal activity at work. Many lawyers will tell you that whistleblowers are people who notice fraud at work and bring it to the attention the appropriate authorities. Whistleblowers can be found in any industry. In many cases, they are people who have financial access to the company’s contracts and financial transactions.

The pros and cons of blowing the whistle

When deciding whether or not to become whistleblowers, most people find that there are both positives and downsides. Whistleblower Attorney can help stop fraud and deception. However, on the negative side, they could endanger their coworkers. It can be difficult to know what to do. While potential whistleblowers may want to do right, they also don’t want it to cause harm to people they care about. Some whistleblowers are concerned that the False Claims Act will make them appear as someone who only whistleblowers for the money.

The False Claims Act

In the 1860s, the False Claims Act was created. Its purpose is to prevent fraud by government contractors. The False Claims Act allows employees of non-government to sue government contractors for fraud. If a guilty verdict is returned, a whistleblower can receive a portion of any judgment. Partnering with a whistleblower lawyer is a good idea if you are considering exposing your employer to the public. They can help you decide the best course of action, and also assist you in court. This is a great way to get legal advice, even if you don’t have it. It can also help you feel more confident when you face your employer.

Only you have the power to decide whether or not you want to be a whistleblower. This decision should not come lightly. Although you have a lot to gain by becoming a whistleblower you might also need to make sacrifices. To learn more about whistleblowing and how it could affect your future, consult a whistleblower lawyer to discuss your particular case. You can find these attorneys online, in the phone book or through your state bar association.