The Key Betwinner Bonus Strategy for Long-Term Profits: Money Management

Let’s face facts: winning money is the main goal for anyone who wagers on Betwinner Bonus It is not something that anyone likes to lose their hard-earned money by betting on a sporting event. In the past, it has been widely discussed that sports betting is a losing business. Analyzing this trend shows that amateur bettors often have poor or nonexistent money management strategies. Although there is no way to know what the future holds, there are certain skills you can acquire and use today to set yourself apart from most people who lose money on sports betting. It is possible to make a good profit. Although this article does not cover everything you need to know about money management, it will provide you with solid foundations to help build your bankroll year after year.

Sports Betting Goals

People bet because they want to make a profit, as I stated earlier. When creating a winning strategy for success, one of the most important questions you should ask yourself is:

1. What amount of money would I like to make each month or yearly?
How much money do you have to bet on sports?
To achieve this goal?

It is okay if you don’t understand the answers to these two questions. It will become very clear in a matter of minutes.

Let’s take an example: “I would love to make $500 per monthly betting on sports.” I have $500 to begin with at the start of the football season.


Let’s take an example to show you how realistic this goal is: “I would love to make $100-300 per month on sports betting.” At the start of the football season, I have $3000.

This is a much more realistic approach.

As with any business, sports betting can be a serious venture. If you are able to understand the nuances of the game, you will make money. Many people believe that they can wager $50 per game with $500 in their bankroll and double their income within a matter of hours. This is a false assumption that will not work. Now we will discuss how to set realistic goals and establish a bankroll that is suitable for your betting behavior.

Bankroll Size

First, establish a bankroll to start sports betting. Next, decide how much money you will be wagering on each game. Your bankroll will always dictate your betting size. The size of your bankroll will determine the size of the bets you place.

Let’s first define bankroll size. This is the amount of money you have available to place bets and the investment vehicle that will help you build your profits. A basic flat rate of 2% is the main method we recommend for long-term success. This means that your first bet, if you have a $1000 bankroll, would be $20 or 2%. You may be wondering why 2%? You can bet 2% and you won’t lose your entire bankroll if you have a losing streak. Your bankroll will decrease, so a 2% wager will also shrink. If things turn around, and your bankroll grows beyond your initial $1000, then you can increase your bet size by staying disciplined and adhering to the 2% flat rate bankroll system.

You can see now that if you’re the type of person who is comfortable betting $20 per game, you should have a $1000 bankroll. This system will help you minimize losses during cold streaks and maximize profits during hot streaks.

What is the maximum I can expect to make?

This will be illustrated by a scenario in which someone has $1000 as a starting bankroll. We will then examine their ability to make money using the 2% flat-rate bankroll system. Different winning percentages will also be used for selecting winners. We will keep track of 100 bets.

Scenerio #1

Start bankroll: $1000
Win percentage: 55%
Start bet size: $22
Number of bets: 100


55 winners = $1100
45 losers = $990
Estimate based on 11-10 point spread odds
$1100 – $990 = $110 Profit

Scenerio #2

Start bankroll: $1000
Win percentage: 57%
Start bet size: $22
Number of bets: 100


$1140 = 57 Winners
43 losers = $946
Estimate based on 11-10 point spread odds
$1140 – $946 = $194 Profit

Scenerio #3

Start bankroll: $1000
Win percentage: 59%
Start bet size: $22
100 bets


$1180 = 59 Winners
41 losers = $902
Estimate based on 11-10 point spread odds
$1180 – $902 = $278 Profit

There are two options to increase your chances of winning more bets per 100. First, pick more winners. If you choose 60% winners, you will make more than if only 55% of them. You can also increase your bankroll to allow you to place larger bets. A 2% bet on $1000 would have cost $20 (we used $22 for simplicity). That’s $40. This would allow you to significantly increase your profits over a 100-bet period.

This is the most important strategy for long-term success in sports betting. This strategy is a great way to make long-term profits year after year. Although this system doesn’t have the thrill of a 6-team parlay, it is a safe and reliable way to build your bankroll slowly and show a profit at year end. Good luck!