Are remote jobs Websites Worth the Investment?

There are many remote jobs websites that allow you to submit project proposals. You can choose from paid or free memberships. You can only submit proposals for projects once per month with the free option. Serious freelancers must pay the monthly fees to be able to find clients and work. Costs vary depending on which freelance marketing site you sign-up for. If you are a member of more than one, it can add up quickly. Is it worth it?

Take a look at what you’re doing

It’s crucial to keep track of how much money you make on freelancing websites like Elance. Many of these sites have records that allow you to easily view a week or a month and see how much you’ve earned. Add your income to the total and subtract your expenses to find what you have. It may seem less than you expected when you first start these types of sites for marketing. However, persistence is the key. If you have been in the business for a while but are not making enough money to pay the monthly membership fees or you don’t think you are making enough, it might be time to reconsider the situation.

Quality of Projects Published

You should also consider the quality of the projects you are posting to decide if it is worth the investment. Freelancing sites often attract people who are willing and able to pay a good price to have an artist or freelancer handle their project. Some project posters are willing to pay as little or as much as they can – some offer as low as $.50 per article. These projects will not pay your bills, and they are shameful. You might want to leave a site with too many of these projects and move to one that offers better quality projects.

Be a member of only a few freelancing sites

There are many freelance websites out there. Many people are members of several. If you submit proposals to more than one freelancing site, the cost can quickly mount. It is important to concentrate on the site that offers the highest quality and highest paying projects. You can keep your free account and not pay for one. Only submit proposals to projects that you are interested in. While it is worth the extra cost to be a member on the best-paying sites, being a member on more than one site can make it difficult to justify the expense. Sites such as provide a free membership that allows providers to post a profile, receive up to 10 proposals per month, and have access to a wide variety of projects.

You can save money by looking at your work, reviewing the quality of projects, and limiting how many sites you are a part of. This will allow you to get great projects and help you make more money. Good luck!