Top 7 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

When designing and building your website, there are a myriad of mistakes in design that you have be careful to avoid to make your website more efficient. Certain are more harmful than others and others are simply ridiculous!

Too much text It is the last thing you’d like to see when you visit the page on your Seo surrey is a massive chunk of text. This is one of the main factors that’s likely to cause a user to quit your website. The text should be laid out in a way that the user is able to scan it and figure the information your website is about in just a few moments.

Utilizing Flash This might look appealing, but in reality it’s only going to divert the user from the content on your website, and in the end slow the loading speed of your site. These issues can be solved through the services of an online design firm.

A complicated navigation system When your users get lost when browsing your site, they’re likely to become frustrated and shut the browser. Your site should provide a simple navigation that remains in place. A “back” button often assists with this!

Invisible links: The person who comes to your site must be able to identify the locations of links within your website. Links should be distinct from the other text and change color once they’ve been clicked.

Long pages are synonymous with too many words It’s not acceptable! Nothing is more annoying than opening a website and finding that you’ll be scrolling down for miles to read it. The page will get monotonous and tedious, which makes your site less useful. Keep it simple and concise.

The spelling errors can alter the meaning of the whole sentence. Grammar is crucial to make your site appear professional. If you’ve got “their” written in place of ‘there’ written on your site nobody is likely to be able to read it as serious.

Avoid Registration – Lastly be sure to not sign up only if absolutely necessary. Most people don’t want to spend their time filling in forms and giving emails when they’re seeking information that is simple.

Beware of these naive errors, which are all too often made. Make sure your website is optimized properly You might want to consider hiring an SEO agency, such as a firm located in Surrey and ensure that you keep your site up-to-date. You should not have any issues regarding your website. If you’re not convinced you’re able to effectively prevent these issues, then a Surrey web design firm could be the right choice for you.